Order of signing up of readers in library


1. For signing up in library are shown, (depending on reader's category):

· the identity certificate (for children up to 14 years - the identity certificate of parents; for teenagers of 14-16 years - the certificate of birth), 

· address reference, 

· photo 3x4, 

· student ID or student's card.

2. At signing up in library to readers the library card which is the only document granting the right of use of library (without photo, the press of library, a mark about a re-registration - it is invalid) is handed out.

3. Readers are obliged to address carefully with the library card. It is strictly forbidden to transfer the library card to other person, and also to use someone else's library card. At loss of the library card, the reader is obliged to report about it in sector of record for obtaining the duplicate.

4. At renewal of use of library in each current year the library is obliged to re-register the reader, having made a mark in his library card.


Rights, duties and responsibility of readers


1. Readers of library have the right free of charge to use the main library and bibliographic services provided by library:

- to receive books and other sources of information on all departments of service of library;

- to complete a course of library and bibliographic literacy.

2. At visit of library readers have to hand over outerwear, bags, packages in clothes. For valuable things the reader can take the special folder in clothes.

3. Readers of library are obliged to make thrifty use of the books or other sources of information received from funds of library; to return them at the scheduled time; not to do marks; not to pull out pages; not to break arrangement in funds of open access; not to take out a card from catalogs and card files. 

4. In case of loss or damage of books or other sources of information, readers bear responsibility according to the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

5. At the termination of use of funds of library (leaving for city boundaries and so forth) readers are obliged to return the editions which are registered for them to library and to return the library card.


Order of use of subscriptions and reading rooms of library


1. For the order and obtaining editions readers show the library card, fill in the reader's requirement and undersign for the reader's form.

2. The term of use of literature for various categories of readers and the number of the issued editions on points of delivery is established by administration of library:

· The subscription of service of youth gives literature: no more than 5 books for a period of 14 days; 

· Subscription of service of children: no more than 5 books for a period of 10 days.

· Readers can prolong the term of use of the editions taken on the house if on them there is no demand from other readers.

3. It is forbidden to take out literature from reading rooms.