2011 became history of our country, as year of the 20 anniversary of its Independence. For our library year 2012 isn't less significant and disturbing. It is year of 100-year anniversary of Zhaik Kagenovich Bekturov, whose name since 2001 is carried by the Karaganda regional junior library.

Zh.Bekturov – a name of the extraordinary personality known in Kazakhstan because the destiny of this bright original person closely intertwined with all most considerable events of the XX century. The tireless researcher, the fighter on calling, the journalist, the translator, the researcher, the member of the Union of writers of the USSR and Kazakhstan, the member of the Union of journalists of the USSR and Kazakhstan, the full member of the All-Union geographical society USSR, the honourable citizen of Karaganda Zh.Bekturov left after itself a unique creative heritage. It made an invaluable contribution to country history, having restored the historical truth about many cultural figures and sciences of Kazakhstan: A.Bukeykhanov, Z.Aymautov, M. Zhumabayev, T.Ryskulov, described arrest and the last days S. Seyfullin. The subjected to repression writer, devoted all the life to fight for a living, effective word, for the truth that cost to it eight hardest years of Stalin camps.

The Karaganda regional junior library plans carrying out during 2012 of large-scale anniversary actions which become not only a memory and respect tribute to the writer, but also, I hope, will make a serious contribution to education of the youth devoted to the Homeland, the people, the history.

Within a year it is supposed to carry out:

International scientific and practical conference «Ғасыр дауысы»,

Republican virtual competition of creative works among youth and youth «Таңбалы тарлан»,

Memorial evening «Таңбалы тарлан»,

To issue the historic-literary almanac «Адамзат рухни күш - қуатының құдіреті » and the multimedia edition «Шындықпен шыңдалған жазушы ».

To create the film about a creative heritage of the writer and about stories of creation of a museum office of Zh.Bekturov and many other things.

We wait for a serious resonance from this big and important, I think, not only for us, work. And, the most important, we hope to find a response in your hearts, our dear readers!