Provision on the stock "One Country — One Book"


   Understanding what exactly reading influences the person is diverse and actively and carries out important function in formation and formation of the identity of the person, considering reading support as one of priority problems of development of society, the National academic library suggests to carry out annually the stock "One Country — One Book" in Kazakhstan.

 1 . General provisions

 1.1 . The present Situation defines the status, the purposes, tasks, an order of carrying out the stock "One Country — One Book"

 1.2 . Founders of the Action are:

 - Ministry of Culture of information of RK

 - RK national academic library

 - RK library Association

 - The Kazakhstan association on reading

 - Congress of youth of Kazakhstan

 1.3 . Action purpose: support and development of reader's culture, preservation of historical and cultural and spiritual heritage, careful attitude to the native language.

 1.4 . Tasks:

 support and development of reader's interest to national literature;

 attraction to problems of reading attention of scientists, experts, state and public figures;

 involvement of potential readers;

 increase of interest of the publishing organizations in the edition of books of the Kazakhstan authors;

 integration of the Kazakhstan authors into world literary process;

 1.5 . Contents of the Stock: reading and discussion of one book by all country at the same time. Carrying out the various actions devoted to this book.

 The book choice for carrying out the Action occurs by identification of wishes of citizens, establishments, the organizations, educational institutions through questioning, poll by phone, oral poll.

 1.6  .  For participation in the Action books are considered:

 a) reflecting universal and national ideas of humanity, historical and cultural traditions, historical roots and modern development of the country;

 b) representing various genres of literature;


 c) having high art value

 d) interesting to all age;

 e) available in enough in libraries and bookstores;

 e) stimulating discussions.

 To participation in the Action mass media and certain journalists of print media, radio stations and TV companies, and also other creative associations and individuals are invited.

 2 . Management of carrying out and Action preparation

 2.1 . For preparation and carrying out the Action the organizing committee which consists of known writers of Kazakhstan, scientists and public figures is created.

 2.2 . Organizing committee:

 • defines a form, an order and terms of carrying out the Action

 •  approves the book chosen for the Action

 • approves results of the Action

 • prepares the message for mass media

 2.3 . Events of the Action take place in the day defined by organizing committee.

 2.4 . For implementation of organizational work the working group which is engaged in preparation and carrying out the Action is created.

 3 . Order of participation in the Action

 3.1  .  Participation in the Action individual and collective

3.2 . All inhabitants of Kazakhstan, educational institutions, any organizations and establishments can participate in the Action.

 3.3 . Wishing to participate in the Action report about it in organizing committee by mail, to contact phones, e-mail.

 3.4 . The form, held events during the Action, can be the most different: class hours, literary soirees, discussion, demonstration and discussion of movies on the book, meetings with writers, actors, telemarathons, meetings of clubs, performances, performances, etc.

 4 . Carrying out time

 4.1 . Campaign for preparation and carrying out the Action begins from the date of the announcement of the Action. During the preparatory period methodical recommendations about carrying out an action, posters, booklets about the book, leaflets are issued.

 4.2  .  Time of carrying out the Stock 24 – on September 30, 2013.

 5  .  Summing up

 5.1 . Results of the Action are brought by organizing committee on the materials sent from places.

 5.2 . For summing up materials containing are accepted:

 - description of actions;

 - video and photographic materials;

 - multimedia materials;

  - information articles on NAL RK, LARK sites.

 5.3  .  In results results of carrying out an action have to be stated:  number of participants, methods of participation in the Action;  the most active regions, the cities of Kazakhstan are noted, sat down;  the role of libraries is estimated at the Action organizations on places.

 5.4  .  Upon termination of the most active participants of the action will be summed up and defined.

 5.2 . The message on results will be placed on press pages, on a site of NAL RK and the LARK.

 Working group of Organizing committee:  Contact phones:  (8-317-2)  24-29-35, 24-29-32, 24-29-86