«Елім менің, мен сенің азаматыңмың!»

The target Program on patriotic education of youth is accepted in 2007, it is prolonged on 2011 – 2014. Has been developed for the purpose of formation of patriotic feelings, civilization, an active living position at younger generation, education of comprehensively developed personality, attraction

youth to reading through their participation in various forms of cultural and leisure activity within debatable club "Жас азамат", a literary drawing room «Қазына», the intellectual games "Білімпазадар", «the Erudite of XXI», «Бақытты сәт»  etc.

«Оқырман жастар - ұлттың үміті» - «Reading youth – hope of the nation»

Implementation of the program has been begun in 2007 It is prolonged on 2011-2014 Program purpose: to lift prestige of the reading focusing children and youth on active reader's involvement.


«Өмірді таңда!» - «Choose life!»

The target Program on 2009 – 2012 Program purpose: prevention of socially caused diseases (drug addiction, tobacco smoking, alcoholism, etc.) among teenagers and youth, creation of conditions for healthy lifestyle formation at them. Tasks: increase of a role of library through information and explanatory work; the organization and carrying out competitions among youth and reader's associations for the purpose of the most complete realization of their creative potential in interests of society; expansion of activity of the information and resource center «Достық», use of new information technologies; rendering of the methodical and practical help to area libraries in the directions of work of the program; expansion of communications with the state and public organizations concerning youth problems and prevention of social diseases.


«Youthful library – the center of education of tolerant outlook of youth»

Since 2005 in library work on the program «Youthful library – the center of education of tolerant outlook of youth», accepted within the interstate project «Library – safety space» is conducted. Readers and colleagues participated in this project besides libraries of the Karaganda area and other areas of Kazakhstan from libraries of the Russian Federation, Ukraine. Within the program Internet conferences, competitions of various subject (chronology of conferences, competitions, since 2006  have been carried out. On 2008, it is presented on a site www.uniorlib.narod.ru.). 2009-2010 are reflected in chronology of events of library in a new site uniorlib.kz.

Within the project pass mini-sociological researches of youth of a long-term action «Жастар дауысы». Respondents answer questions different in subject on «a publicity column».


PR-strategy « Тасқын - the Stream» expansions of a sphere of influence

regional youthful library of Zh.Bekturov

for 2010-2014.

For the purpose of involvement of readers, creation of favorable image of library, increase of level of a demand of various services of library in the youth environment and in society PR-strategy «Тасқын - Stream» has been developed.