The fund of the regional junioe library named after Zh. Bekturov was supplemented with the next edition. On June 28, the widow of a member of the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, writer, publicist, translator Maral Hasen Rymbala Smailova presented to the library his book "Жалғасқан ғұмыр" in a new edition.
The collection includes stories, interviews, journalistic articles and translations of Maral Hasen, also the book includes works by the author's children. The compiler, the editor, the publisher of the book "Жалғасқан ғұмыр" is Rymbala Kenzhebaevna Smailova, who, in memory of her husband, considers it her duty to preserve and disseminate his creative heritage.
Maral Hasen and Zhaik Bekturov worked closely together during their lifetime. In 2010, the library hosted a meeting with Maral Khasen and the presentation of his book "Жүрек қанын сия қылған".
In recent years, Maral Hasen was engaged in translating works of Nobel Prize winners in literature. The first book with translations was published in 2015. In the second book, which was completed by Rymbal Kenzhebaevna, the translated works of S.Aleksievich "At war not a woman's face" and "Zinc boys", Alice Munroe "Dance of the Blessed Shadows" were collected.
In the library, in the office-museum of Zh. Bekturov, a folder of newspaper clippings about M.Hasen is formed, the book contains the books of the famous master of pen and word.