A good tradition in the practice of methodical work of our library are visiting seminars.

 On June 12, an on-site seminar was held for library librarians of the Osakarovsky CLS library on the topic: "Local Lore Project Activity of Libraries".

Opening the seminar, and wishing fruitful work, the director of Osakarovskaya CLS Yeremeyev Yevgenia Alexandrovna gave the floor to the head of the innovation-methodical department of RJL named after Zh. Bekturov Aldongarova Gulnar Mukhtarovna.

In his speech, accompanied by a presentation: "The transition to the Latin alphabet is the imperative of the times. Experience of the Karaganda Regional Junior Library named after Zh. Bekturov ", A. Aldongarova. detailed about the experience of the RJL named after Zh.Bekturov on carrying out of actions on propagation of transition of the Kazakh language on the Latin schedule. Librarians were offered a practical task to write Kazakh text in Latin. Operatively and with good results the librarians coped with the task - Mitina O.B. - Central district library in Osakarovka; Sestrevotovskaya E.V. - Branch No. 13, Sunkar village; Zhanzakova A. - Branch No. 20, Shunkyrkol village. The rest of the librarians who took part in this mini-contest, promised to send completed tasks to our e-mail.

Then, Nadezhda Fedorovna Shmoilova, head of the department for mass work and youthful communication, delivered a presentation on "Promotion of Local Lore Information: From the Experience of Libraries", in which she spoke about the experience of creating an effective mechanism for disseminating local knowledge among young people, as well as using innovative forms of work with local lore book.

The head of the department of youth service Murzatayeva Bakhyt Kazbekovna in her speech: "The service of youth: creativity and search", interestingly told about the forms and methods of local lore work in the library, dwelled on the local history quest "Where? Where? In Karaganda!". At the moment, the experience of these games is being transformed into a regional project, participation in which will help young people and girls of the Karaganda region to join the history of their small homeland.

 The participants of the seminar showed keen interest and asked several questions about the methodology of this event. Murzatayeva B.K. gave detailed advice and, in turn, suggested that questions be formulated for a quest game based on local history material.

Librarians, divided into two teams, amicably began to work. Then, without delaying the "long-standing" box, immediately on the spot held a warm-up on the invented issues, thereby making a cheerful revival in the work of the seminar.

During the seminar, speeches were also made by the staff of the Centralized Library System of the Osakarovka District:

"Local lore activities of libraries of the Central Library System in the framework of the program "Рухани жаңғыру"- Zhanarstanova Saule Erkenovna, bibliographer of Osakarovskaya CLS;

"Local studies in the focus of the work of the rural library" - Zavistovskaya Nadezhda Viktorovna, rural library in Nikolayivka;

"Local history activities of the bush library in Molodezhny settlement" - Kusainova Bagdat Altaevna, bush library in Molodezhny settlement.

From the speeches of colleagues it can be concluded that local history work in the CLS is conducted at a high professional level. Two projects - "Жер тағдыры - ел тағдыры", "Өнерлі жастар", were included in the republican register of the program "Рухани жаңғыру", the expected result during the implementation of which will be the creation of the digital platform "Osakarov audenynyң virtualum shelzhіresi" - "Virtual chronicle of the Osakarovsky district". Various forms of work are applied, including a literary map, blogs, virtual encyclopedias of villages and many others.

At the end of the seminar, librarians exchanged views, posed problematic issues, in particular, questions were raised on the resumption of the system of professional development, inadequate funding, a shortage of staff units and many others. other

The librarians noted the necessity and usefulness of such seminars, thanked for the interestingly selected theoretical and practical information.