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With a civil initiative in the Regional Project Office.

To implement the main directions of the program article of the Head of State "A Look into the Future: Modernization of Public Consciousness" a republican program "Рухани жаңғыру" was developed. To implement it, the principles of project management were used, that is, the program will be implemented with the help of concrete projects, which, along with individuals who have shown civil initiative, will be implemented by interested organizations and institutions. Organizational support, training, monitoring activities are carried out by project offices established in each region.

Contact phone: 8 778 436 36 01.

The head of the project office for the Karaganda region is Gulnar Turetaevna Kurbanbayeva. Projects for consideration of the expert council are represented by organizations and institutions, public associations, individuals: entrepreneurs, pensioners, creative people, representatives of non-governmental organizations, sports associations. Socially significant projects in the library sector are represented by two projects "The Reading Nation" and "Amanzholov Readings".

The project "The Reading Nation" was initiated by the Department of Culture, Archives and Documentation of the Karaganda Region

Purpose: to attract the population of the Karaganda region to reading by popularizing the activities of libraries, expanding information and library services and services, holding mass events on topical issues of socio-political, literary and socio-cultural content; improving the quality of user services through the effective replenishment of library funds, improving logistical support, the active use of Internet resources, etc.

The project leader is Kalenova N.K. (regional junior library named after Zh. Bekturov), project manager - Pak V.I. (Regional Universal Scientific Library named after N.Gogol).

As a result of the project in 2017. an increase in the number of readers by 0.5% compared with 2016 was achieved.

Over the reporting period, the library of the region was visited by more than 360 thousand users. They issued more than 7 million documents, held large-scale mass events of more than 12,000 on the most pressing topics: the Annual Address of the Head of State, the 350th anniversary of Kazybek bi, the 25th anniversary of the State Symbols of the RK, the 100th anniversary of the Alash Party, and others. In the framework of the implementation of the main directions of the program article "Болашаққа  бағдар: рухани жаңғыру", contests, circles of young local historians were organized in libraries, personal histories of prominent figures of the region were created, local history projects were implemented, etc.

More than 120 million tenge was spent on the acquisition of the library fund (books and periodicals). In the content plan, libraries' funds were enlarged with valuable publications: encyclopedias, scientific publications, memoirs, terminological dictionaries, editions of classics of fiction. Especially it is necessary to allocate monographs, photo albums dedicated to the 350th anniversary of Kazybek bi.

The material and technical base of the libraries has been improved: computers-110, library furniture, copying machinery, GAZ 2705-260 and others have been purchased.

Monitoring on the information coverage of the Reading Nation project was conducted on the state print media Ortaly Kazakstan and Industrial Karaganda, on all non-state print media, on state and non-state TV. The websites of libraries were analyzed, social networks were monitored. More than 4000 information on the activities of libraries was posted both in the periodical press and on the Internet.

Further promotion of the "Reading Nation" project will increase the number of library users, improve the quality of library services and services, improve the material and technical equipment of libraries, etc.